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Integrated, conformed clinical data is a crucial factor in better patient outcomes, but genomics still belongs with researchers, not clinicians

Clearly, integrating and harmonizing data in a hospital setting is crucial to providing better care for patients. But there is a limit to the scope to this. Keeping track of clinicians’ actions and the timing of them, medications administered, vital … Continue reading

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The Informed Data Lake: Beyond Metadata

The Informed Data Lake Strategy Executive Summary Historically, the volume and extent of data that an enterprise could store, assemble, analyze and act upon exceeded the capacity of their computing resources and was too expensive. The solution was to model … Continue reading

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Karl Popper versus Data Science

I’m sure you’ve heard of Big Data and IoT (Internet of Things) by now. There is a current in computing now that is based on the economics of nearly unlimited resources for computational complexity including Cognitive Computing (AI + Machine … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous Ramblings Today on Data and Analytics

Here are some ideas off the top of my head: 1. The Big Data Analytics industry – vendors, journalists, industry analysts – have flooded the market with messages as if no one ever used quantitative methods before 2. Because most … Continue reading

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Pervasive Analytics: Needs Organizational Change, Better Software and Training By Neil Raden Principal Analyst, Hired Brains Research, LLC May, 2015 The hunt for data scientists has reached its logical conclusion: There are not enough qualified ones to go around. … Continue reading

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I’m Getting Convinced About Hadoop, sort of

As I sometimes do, I went to Boulder last week to soak up some of Claudia and Dave Imhoff’s hospitality and to sit in on a BBBT (Boulder BI Brain Trust) briefing in person instead of remotely like most of … Continue reading

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Metrics Can Lead in the Wrong Direction

Is it really possible to use measurement — or “metrics,” in the current parlance — to drive an organization? There are two points of view, one widely accepted and current, the other opposing and more abstract. The conventional wisdom on … Continue reading

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BI Is Dead! Long Live BI!

  Executive Summary We suggest a dozen best practices needed to move Business Intelligence (BI) software products into the next decade. While five “elephants” occupy the lion’s share of the market, the real innovation in BI appears to be coming … Continue reading

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YABADaS: Yet Another Blog About Data Science

In a comment to Dan Woods’ article “Amazon’s John Rauser on What Is a Data Scientist?,” (… ) “nyhacker” commented: “So far there is a standard obstacle to such work: Business is still organized as it was in Henry Ford’s day … Continue reading

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Analytics ROI: Not About Saving Time

We hear a lot these days about how analytics can accelerate a calculation that used to take ten hours and do it in six minutes. For me, this is a very poor argument for analytics. After all, is an analyst … Continue reading

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